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Liferay Portal CE is a portal software built in Java by Liferay Inc.

Liferay DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is a platform built on top of Liferay Portal for digital solutions, integrating customer and user satisfaction analysis tools and Enterprise-grade quality performances and tooling. It was known as formerly known as Liferay Portal EE.

Since version 7.0 it is built using OSGi through Apache Felix.


VersionCode nameRelease typeRelease Date
7.0.1 GA2WilberforceCommunity Edition2016-06-10
7.0.10WilberforceDigital Experience Platform2016-05-04
7.0.0 GA1WilberforceCommunity Edition2016-03-31
6.2.3 GA4NewtonCommunity Edition2015-04-17
6.2.2 GA3NewtonCommunity Edition2015-01-15
6.2.1 GA2NewtonCommunity Edition2014-02-28
6.2.10 GA1NewtonEnterprise Edition2013-12-03
6.2.0 GA1NewtonCommunity Edition2013-11-01
6.1.2 GA3PatonCommunity Edition2013-08-23
6.1.30 GA3PatonEnterprise Edition2013-08-16
6.1.1 GA2PatonCommunity Edition2012-07-31
6.1.20 GA2PatonEnterprise Edition2012-07-31
6.1.10 GA1PatonEnterprise Edition2012-02-15
6.1.0 GA1PatonCommunity Edition2012-01-01
6.0.12 SP2BunyanEnterprise Edition2011-11-07
6.0.6BunyanCommunity Edition2011-03-04
6.0.11 SP1BunyanEnterprise Edition2011-01-13
5.2 SP5AugustineEnterprise Edition2010-10-20
6.0.10BunyanEnterprise Edition2010-09-10
6.0.5BunyanCommunity Edition2010-08-16
6.0.4BunyanCommunity Edition2010-07-23
6.0.3BunyanCommunity Edition2010-07-20
6.0.2BunyanCommunity Edition2010-06-08
5.2 SP4AugustineEnterprise Edition2010-05-19
6.0.1BunyanCommunity Edition2010-04-20
5.1 SP5CalvinEnterprise Edition2010-03-12
6.0.0BunyanCommunity Edition2010-03-04
5.2 SP3AugustineEnterprise Edition2010-01-07
5.2 SP2AugustineEnterprise Edition2009-11-17
5.1 SP4CalvinEnterprise Edition2009-10-23
5.2 SP1AugustineEnterprise Edition2009-08-07
5.1 SP3CalvinEnterprise Edition2009-07-20
5.2AugustineEnterprise Edition2009-06-01
5.2.3AugustineCommunity Edition2009-05-12
5.1 SP2CalvinEnterprise Edition2009-05-12
5.2.2AugustineCommunity Edition2009-02-26
5.1 SP1CalvinEnterprise Edition2009-02-18
5.2.1AugustineCommunity Edition2009-02-03
5.2.0AugustineCommunity Edition2009-01-26
5.1 SPCalvinEnterprise Edition2008-12-16
5.1.2CalvinCommunity Edition2008-10-03
5.1.1CalvinCommunity Edition2008-08-11
5.1.0CalvinCommunity Edition2008-07-17
5.0.1 RCLutherCommunity Edition2008-04-14
5.0.0 RCLutherCommunity Edition2008-04-09

A basic installation for development and tests

Running the latest Liferay CE is straightforward:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a bundle among the ones listed. For beginners, the Tomcat bundle is a good choice. Click in "Download."

Where to choose a bundle.

  1. Unzip the download package whenever you find fit. The unzipped directory will be the LIFERAY_HOME directory.
  2. To start Liferay, just run the script LIFERAY_HOME/tomcat-x.xx.xx/bin/ ; only on Windows environments run the script LIFERAY_HOME\tomcat-x.xx.xx\bin\startup.bat .
  3. By default, once Liferay is up, a browser will open its local URL (http://localhost:8080/).
  4. To log in, use the email , and the password test .
  5. To stop Liferay, just run the script LIFERAY_HOME/tomcat-x.xx.xx/bin/ ; only on Windows environments run the script LIFERAY_HOME\tomcat-x.xx.xx\bin\shutdown.bat .

With these steps, you will have Liferay up and running in a "demo" mode. Liferay will use an Hypersonic DB by default, but it is unfit for production. Also, is an administrator account with a default password, so it should be changed eventually. Yet, these steps are good to get some idea on how Liferay looks like and works.

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