liferay Create a Quartz scheduler in liferay


A scheduler serves to perform background tasks at certain defined intervals.

As per Liferay portlet DTD

<!- The scheduler-entry element contains the declarative data of a scheduler. ->

!ELEMENT scheduler-entry (scheduler-description?, scheduler-event-listener-class, trigger)

<!- The scheduler-description value describes a scheduler. ->

!ELEMENT scheduler-description (#PCDATA)

<!- The scheduler-event-listener-class value must be a class that implements com.liferay.portal.kernel.messaging.MessageListener. This class will receive a message at a regular interval specified by the trigger element. ->

!ELEMENT scheduler-event-listener-class (#PCDATA)

<!- The trigger element contains configuration data to indicate when to trigger the class specified in scheduler-event-listener-class. ->

!ELEMENT trigger (cron | simple)