meteor Getting started with meteor Managing Packages


Meteor has it's own package repository on

You can add new packages from atmosphere by running:

meteor add [package-author-name:package-name]

For example:

meteor add kadira:flow-router

Similarly, you can remove the same package by:

meteor remove kadira:flow-router

To see current packages in your project, type:

meteor list

List of packages can also be found in the file ./meteor/packages. To add a package add the package name in this file and to remove delete it.

To add a package locally, (e.g. unpublished packages or edited version of published packages), save the package in packages folder in the root.

Starting with version 1.3, Meteor added support for npm packages.

You can use the npm command inside Meteor project's directory as you would normally do without Meteor, or with the meteor npm command, which will use the bundled version of npm.