mfc Migrating ISAPI MFC extension (C++) VS2005 DLL project to VS2015.


You may have seen several websites that will show how to create an ISAPI extension project but none of them will demonstrate how to migrate the existing legacy ISAPI extension (VS2005) project to VS2015. I had faced similar issue while I was working on one of such requirement. This article demonstrates the experimental waythat I had took to solve my issue.


I was working on a migration task where I came across a project. The legacy ISAPI project was an MFC extension DLL project built in VS2005 and after googling few things I came to know that the MFC ISAPI classes (CHttpServerContext, CHttpServer etc.) are not being shipped after VS2005. Microsoft recommends using ISAPI Entry-Point functions from the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) software development kit (SDK) instead of MFC ISAPI classes. I thought it might require a complete rewriting of the project. However fortunately I took an experimental way which worked in my case. I thought to write this article which might help someone to solve the similar issue.

Purpose of this topic is to demonstrate the changes required for removing dependency of MFC from MFC ISAPI Extension DLL without rewriting of complete code. Example shown above doesn't contain whole implementation, it is just for demonstration purpose.