ms-access Getting started with ms-access Installation or Setup


Microsoft Access is one of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. However, it is only available in some packages of MS Office.

If you wish to obtain Access, please make sure to carefully examine the box or download specifications for each version of Microsoft Office. MS Access is only available for Windows PCs, it is not available on Macintosh systems in the native environment, even through other MS Office programs may be available. Similarly, it is not available for linux operating systems.

In Office 365, Access can be found in the Home, Personal, ProPlus, Enterprise E3 or E5 versions, but not Enterprise E1 nor Business (or B. Essentials, B. Premium).

In Office 2016 it is not included in the Home & Student or Home & Buisness packages, but it is in Professional. It does not appear to be in any versions for the Macintosh.