ms-access How to troubleshoot Access crashes

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When you receive an error: "Microsoft Access has encountered a problem and needs to close", there is often not a lot of information to help you identify the cause of the error. Below are a series of steps you can take to troubleshoot the cause of the errors.


Be sure to remove other variables from the equation while testing

Network Corruption

Do not load the client off of a network. Put it on the local drive and run it from there.

Corporate Builds

If you are in a corporate environment that is using "computer builds" and have had no success with Decompiling, Testing Memory, nor stripping Binary data - then refuse to do further testing until the IT team can provide the user with a test machine that has only Windows, Office, and Service Packs installed.

All software and updates should be installed by hand without using unattended installs. Do not install antivirus on this machine for testing.

Understand that many IT departments simply try to do a One-Size-Fits-All approach with the builds, and their builds are all based on one another. Over time, software conflicts can directly cause Access to crash or act strange.

Bad Power

As mentioned in the memory example - power fluctuations can cause computer errors. If the database is in an industrial building, then try to get your hands on a power conditioner or a UPS that provides clean power (off the battery, not off the main passing through a Metal-oxide Varistor)

Also, check the power supply cable that is plugging into the power bar or outlet. Make sure that the gauge and voltage specs are sufficient. IT departments often leave power cables plugged in at the station and just remove the machine. After many years, they are using beefier power supplies, but haven't switched out the cable. It makes a difference. When in doubt, bring a new, thicker cable.

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