ms-access How to troubleshoot Access crashes Decompile Database


This should always be your initial fix. A good policy is to decompile the database before each release.

  1. Create a decompile shortcut. This loads the database with a "/decompile" switch.

    1. Right Click your Database File. Select Copy
    2. Right Click in the explorer window and select "Paste Shortcut"
    3. Right Click the shortcut and select "Properties"
    4. In the Target box, go to the end of the line and add /decompile
    5. Click Ok to close the shortcut
  2. Open Database with Shift.
    Hold down the shift key while double clicking on this shortcut. This prevents any auto runs from executing within the database. You should go straight to the navigation window.

  3. Compact and Repair the database. Once the database is loaded, you will need to click the Compact and Repair button.

    1. Locate the Compact and Repair Database button on the Tools Ribbon.
    2. Hold down the Shift Key. Keep holding it down while you click the Compact and Repair button.
  4. Recompile the Database

    1. Go into the VBA window (Control + G)
    2. Select Debug -> Compile from the menu

This is the complete decompile process. Generally it should fix 99% of all Access crashes or weird form behaviour.