msbuildCommon Item Types: ProjectReference


A ProjectReference defines a reference to another project.


Include (attribute)Path to project file
Project (metadata)Project GUID, in the form {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
ReferenceOutputAssembly (metadata)Boolean specifying whether the outputs of the project referenced should be passed to the compiler. Default is true.
SpecificVersion (metadata)Whether the exact version of the assembly should be used.
Targets (metadata)Semicolon-separated list of targets in the referenced projects that should be built. Default is the value of $(ProjectReferenceBuildTargets) whose default is blank, indicating the default targets.
OutputItemType (metadata)Item type to emit target outputs into. Default is blank. If ReferenceOutputAssembly is set to "true" (default) then target outputs will become references for the compiler.
EmbedInteropTypes (metadata)Optional boolean. Whether the types in this reference need to embedded into the target assembly - interop asemblies only


When the OutputItemType parameter is used, additional parameters (metadata) may be applicable. For example, when OutputItemType is set to Content, CopyToOutputDirectory can be used.

CopyToOutputDirectory (metadata)Optional string. Determines whether to copy the file to the output directory. Values: Never, Always, PreserveNewest.