notepad++ Basic settings of Auto-completion and suggestions


Notepad++ provides 2 types of features for auto-completion and suggestions:

  • Auto-completion that reads the open file and provide suggestion of words and/or functions within the file
  • Suggestion with the arguments of functions (specific to the language)

To enable it, you need to change a setting.

  1. Go to Settings > Preferences... > Auto-completion
  2. Check Enable Auto-completion on each input
  3. Select the type of completion you desire:
    • words only
    • name of functions only
    • both of them
  4. Optionally, check Function parameter hint on input to display parameters while typing a function name (c.f. picture below)


To use it, start to type a word or a function and after the number of characters you have specified, the suggestions will appear:


Some documentation about auto-completion is available here: