notepad++ Advanced Editing features Multi-Editing


Multi-Editing allows the user to edit text at several locations simultaneously.


Multi-Editing is disabled by default: it can be enabled (resp. disabled) in Preferences > Editing by checking (resp. unchecking) the related checkbox.

Enabling Multi-Editing

To use Multi-Editing, the user can Ctrl Click on the different locations and start to type.

Using Multi_Editing

During usage of Multi-Editing, text can be paste (e.g. by using Ctrl+V).

The user can also add some incremental numbers as follows:

  1. Go to Edit > Column Mode (Alt+C)
  2. Select Number to insert
  3. Choose the starting number (e.g. 1), the increment (e.g. 1) and optionally a repeat number (e.g. 2 to have the following sequence 1 1 2 2 3 3 ...)