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SourceCookifier parses the current source code for such components as class, function, and variable names and displays them in a tree view at a side panel. Navigation among these members is possible by double-clicking on the component name. The plugin supports a number of languages and customizations are possible for undetermined or user-defined languages. This is useful when working with large codes.

Example SourceCookifier

By default, SourceCookifier session mode is set to Single file mode. Other available modes are N++ session mode (all the files open in Notepad++) or Cookie session mode.

Cookie Session mode

To use Cookie session mode:

  1. Drag & Drop your folders with source code to Source Cookifier window

  2. Select the type of files you want to parse

Select file type


  • You can save and load the cookie sessions; moreover, Source Cookifier display the history of the latest sessions
  • Opening the file of a saved session in Notepad++ will automatically switch SourceCookifier into cookie session mode and load this session
  • Maintaining a keyboard modifier (CTRL, SHIFT, or ALT - they are all similar) while drag-dropping the folder will fasten the parsing by only adding INCLUDES and not tags

Drad&Drop with keyboard modifier

Another useful feature is the ability to jump to the definition of a symbol (e.g. function)

  1. Select the right "session mode": use cookie mode if the definition of the symbol is in another file not opened in Notepadd++, or single file mode if the definition is in the same file
  2. In Notepad++, put the cursor in the function/type you want to get definition of, and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to jump to the definition. If there are several definitions, you can choose the file you want to open

Select file

  1. You can press ALT+LEFT to come back to the previous location (and ALT+RIGHT to go back to the definition)

Navigate Backward