Perl Language Packages and modules

Example is a Perl module which allows to query and install modules from CPAN sites.

It supports interactive mode invoked with



perl -MCPAN -e shell

Querying modules

By name:

cpan> m MooseX::YAML

By a regex against module name:

cpan> m /^XML::/

Note: to enable a pager or redirecting to a file use | or > shell redirection (spaces are mandatory around the | and >), e.g.: m /^XML::/ | less.

By distribution:

cpan> d LMC/Net-Squid-Auth-Engine-0.04.tar.gz

Installing modules

By name:

cpan> install MooseX::YAML

By distribution:

cpan> install LMC/Net-Squid-Auth-Engine-0.04.tar.gz