processing Using Processing with Alternative Code Editors like Sublime and Atom Using Processing with Atom editor


There are several packages which can run Processing sketches in the Atom editor. These instructions use the Script package. There are also available packages for syntax highlighting and autocomplete, which are required for Script to identify Processing filetypes.

Install the Script plugin. Either by running apm install script from the command line or search for the package 'script' by rgbkrk in the Install tab in Atom settings (shortcut command + , or ctrl + ,).

Once Script is installed, you will need to install processing-java. This tool comes with the main Processing software and is needed to build Processing sketches on the command line and in editors:

  • MacOS: Run Tools > Install "processing-java".

  • Linux: Add the Processing directory to your PATH environment variable (replace /path/to/processing with the path where Processing is installed):

    sudo ln -s /path/to/processing/processing-java /usr/local/bin/
  • Windows: Add the Processing directory to your PATH environment variable:

    • Open Advanced System Settings either by running sysdm.cpl or searching in Control Panel.
    • Click the Environment Variable button on the Advanced tab.
    • Edit the PATH variable to include the Processing directory in either the User variables (for just your account) or System variables (for all users).

Now, you can run Processing sketches by running Packages > Script > Run Script. The default shortcut is command + shift + b or ctrl + shift + b, but to further decrease the pain of transition, you can bind the Processing IDE shortcut to run the sketch. In order to do that:

  • Open up the Atom Keymap file by running File > Keymap

  • Paste following lines at the end of the file (feel free to change the binding to whatever you want).

      'ctrl-r': 'script:run'