Progress ABL is statically typed. The variables need to be declared and the datatype cannot be changed during run time.


  • DEFINE VARIABLE i AS INT64 INITIAL -200 NO-UNDO. //A 64-bit integer initialized to -200

  • DEFINE VARIABLE l AS LOGICAL NO-UNDO. //A logical variable named l

  • DEFINE VARIABLE c AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO CASE-SENSITIVE. //A case sensitive ('a' <> 'A') variable.

  • DEFINE VARIABLE dt AS DATE INTIAL TODAY NO-UNDO. //A date variable set to todays date.

  • DEFINE VARIABLE a AS CHARACTER EXTENT 5 NO-UNDO. //An character array with length = 5

  • DEFINE VARIABLE j AS INTEGER EXTENT NO-UNDO. //An extent without a set length

  • DEFINE VARIABLE b AS DATETIME LABEL "Departure time". //A variable with a label