Compile Progress code as called "r-code" and is normally saved in a file with the extension .r. There are a couple of different ways of compiling: using the COMPILE statement or on Linux or AppBuilder: the built in Application Compiler. Developer Studio (the Eclipse environment) has compiling built into it's build process.

You must have 4GL Development or OpenEdge Studio installed to compile 4GL programs which update the database.


  • COMPILE program.p SAVE. //Compile program.p and save it's r-code
  • COMPILE VALUE(var) SAVE. //Compile the named saved in the variable "var" and save it's r-code
  • COMPILE prog.p XREF prog.xref LISTING prog.list. //Compile prog.p and create xref and listing-files. Don't save the r-code.
  • COMPILE program.p SAVE NO-ERROR. //Compile program.p, save r-code and supress errors to stop the execution.