Qt Build QtWebEngine from source Build on Windows



  • Windows 10, please set your system locale to English, otherwise there may be errors
  • Visual Studio 2013 or 2015
  • QtWebEngine 5.7 source code (could be downloaded from here)
  • Qt 5.7 install version, install it and add qmake.exe folder to system path
  • Python 2, add python.exe folder to system path
  • Git, add git.exe folder to system path
  • gperf, add gperf.exe folder to system path
  • flex-bison, add win_bison.exe folder to system path, and rename it to bison.exe

Note: I didn't test for Visual Studio versions, all Qt versions.. Let's just take an example here, other versions should be about the same.

Steps to build

  1. Decompress source code to a folder, let's call it ROOT
  2. Open Developer Command Prompt for VS2013, and go to ROOT folder
  3. Run qmake WEBENGINE_CONFIG+=use_proprietary_codecs qtwebengine.pro. We add this flag to enable mp3 support.
  4. Run nmake

Note: Mp3 is not supported by QtWebEngine by default, due to license issue. Please make sure to get a license for the codec you added.