RSS RSS and Marketing

RSS Aggregator and Marketing

The more decisive advantage to having an RSS feed is that users can subscribe to specific feeds and get notified every time there is an update.

If the content is exceptional, other website owners may combine the author's content using an RSS aggregator to enhance their chances to be featured on search engines.

This practical tool will scan subscribed RSS feeds, just like an RSS reader, and post the new articles on a website.

Businesses will mainly use the aggregator to share news on their site to help their visitors and gain new ones.

What is more interesting about this handy tool is that it can be combined with a publication tool to publish your new posts to social media profiles routinely.

How to choose your feed content?

On the bright side, the majority of feed readers will allow users to search for topics that interest them and subscribe to popular sources.

It will also be possible to categorize sites into topics. Most feed readers come will let you print, share, and email articles that you find interesting.

With all those handy and specific features that readers allow, it is more likely that you can have content created for your own image.

Subscribe to other YouTube channels

Fun fact: You can subscribe to YouTube channels via RSS!

Even if YouTube doesn't simplify finding an RSS feed channel, users can still add the feed to their readers.

All you have to do is plug in the channel's username where indicated in orange bold.

For example: username ?feature=mhee

A channel username is what appears after the last backslash in the channel's URL. That said, if you wanted the feed for this specific channel, you would have to enter the username in the formula.

Monitoring Twitter RSS

Creating Twitter RSS feeds is not as easy as it once was. Since Twitter is one of the most used social networks today, it is more difficult to track all the shared tweets.

At first, followers could directly subscribe to feeds that suited their needs. Nowadays, it is through third-party services that subscribers can make RSS feeds from tweets.

Since the option no longer exists, tools are available on the internet for creating feeds. You can take a look at this list of recommendations of RSS readers (

However, there is a possibility to create a feed following these options:

First option:

The first option is the easiest since it only requires 1 step; copy and paste the Twitter URL into Twitter RSS Generator to get the feed.

That said, this option requires a third-party reader.

Second option:

Since users can get a feed of their own Twitter timeline, it would be easier to keep track of their intrests by including their own tweets, retweets, replies, and followers.

Third option:

In this last option, the RSS feed is generated according to all the tweets that a user liked.

for example, the user can simply type in the @username and click on generate to get the feed.