selenium First project in selenium with Java Setting up IntelliJ Idea for Selenium



  1. Java is installed
  2. Selenium is extracted in a folder (Contains 2 files, and 1 folder)

Follow these steps to set up IntelliJ Idea for Selenium.

  1. Click On "New Project".
  2. Choose Java < "Hello World" Application
  3. Type the name of the Project, and create it.

Your Screen should look something like this enter image description here

Now, go to

File < Project Structure < Modules < Dependencies

There, click on the green plus(+) icon, and choose Library. Then navigate to the extracted Selenium folder, and add "selenium-java 2.4.0.jar". After adding this, click on the green plus(+) icon again, and now choose "Directory". This time, locate the libs folder of Selenium, and click on ok, while selecting it.

At the end, your Project Structure should look like thisenter image description here

Now, click on OK, and you're all set.