Team Foundation ServerTF GET (command-line)


/versionThe version to retrieve. View remarks.
/allForces all files to be retrieved, not just those that are out-of-date.
/overwriteOverwrites writable files that are not checked out
/forceCombines /all and /overwrite
/previewDisplays what would occur, without actually performing the Get operation.
/recursiveRecursively retrieves all items that match your itemspec.
/nopromptSuppresses any dialog boxes that would otherwise be displayed during this operation.
/remapUpdates local mapping on the server and re-downloads the file faster if you already have downloaded the same file from another branch.
/loginSpecifies the user name and password to authenticate the user with Team Foundation Server.


  1. The parameter /version assumes Latest if no parameter provided and accepts

    a.Changesets ("C<ChangeSetID>")

    b.Date/Time ("D<DateTime_UTC>")

    c.Label ("L<Label>")

    d.Latest Version ("T")

    e.Workspace Version ("W<workspacename;owner>").

  2. Parameters as of TFS 2010

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