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Binary tree is a tree that each node in it has maximum of two children. Binary search tree (BST) is a binary tree which its elements positioned in special order. In each BST all values(i.e key) in left sub tree are less than values in right sub tree.

The Binary Calculator can be used to calculate with numbers of any size and precision up to 2147483647-1 decimals, in string format. The Binary Calculator is more precise than the float calculation of PHP.

There is a built in easy way to read files in binary within VBA, however it has a restriction of 2GB (2,147,483,647 bytes - max of Long data type). As technology evolves, this 2GB limit is easily breached. e.g. an ISO image of Operating System install DVD disc. Microsoft does provide a way to overcome this via low level Windows API and here is a backup of it.

Also demonstrate (Read part) for calculating File Hashes without external program like fciv.exe from Microsoft.

Visiting a node of a binary tree in some particular order is called traversals.

Lowest common ancestor between two nodes n1 and n2 is defined as the lowest node in the tree that has both n1 and n2 as descendants.

A binary heap is a complete binary tree which satisfies the heap ordering property. The ordering can be one of two types: the min-heap property: the value of each node is greater than or equal to the value of its parent, with the minimum-value element at the root.

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