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WCSessionDelegate works with watch OS2 + using WatchConnectivity. var watchSession : WCSession? func startWatchSession(){ if(WCSession.isSupported()){ watchSession = WCSession.default() watchSession!.delegate = self watchSession!.activate() } } Implement the required method:- didReceiveApplicationContext

AppDelegate is a protocol which defines methods that are called by the singleton UIApplication object in response to important events in the lifetime of an app.

Normally used to perform tasks on application startup (setup app environment, analitycs (ex.: Mixpanel/GoogleAnalytics/Crashlitics), DB stack etc.) and shutdown (ex.: save DB context), handling URL open requests and similar application-wide tasks.

Pattern for adding multicasting capabilities to existing iOS controls. Adding multicasting allows for improved clarity and code re-use.

Kotlin can delegate the implementation of a property to a handler object. Some standard handlers are included, such as lazy initialization or observable properties. Custom handlers can also be created.

It is often useful to present a first-run experience to new users of your App. This could be for any number of reasons, such as prompting them to sign in (if required for your situation), explaining how to use the App, or simply informing them of new features in an update (as Notes, Photos and Music do in iOS11).

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