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This Simple Google App Web Script (Standalone) allows Google Drive to be repeated polled for files to be downloaded to the user's local PC. Shows how to use one app script to provide the function of both the: 1. User interface (a simple one in this example) 2. The file download page. For a fuller explanation of how it works read the Example "How it works".

This documentation explains and provides steps to download latest artifact from a JFrog Artifactory repository using Powershell Script (v2.0 or below).

Download latest Artifact from Artifactory repository using shell script.

This is a simple example demonstrating how to create a drop down menu in the Active Sheet of your workbook by inserting a Combo Box Activex object in the sheet. You'll be able to insert one of five Jimi Hendrix songs in any activated cell of the sheet and be able to clear it, accordingly.

In this topic you will learn how to modify field attributes inherited from the PXStringList or PXIntList attributes. The demonstrated approach will make sure to not break functionality of the base Acumatica ERP product and require minimal maintenance, if any, while upgrading your customizations to a newer version of Acumatica.

In this topic you will learn how to change size of the selector drop-down window. Each selector control in Acumatica has a button indicated with a magnifier icon. By clicking this button, users can open a drop-down window showing a list of objects available for selection.

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