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Ajax uses the HTTP Protocol and can send requests using POST/GET methods from Client to Server.

WebSocket is itself a protocol to communicate between Client and Server, distinct from HTTP.

In Ajax when you send a request , server sends response for that request and connection ends.

Using WebSockets when you establish a connection with server , then you can communicate between client and server as much you want and it keeps connection alive.

Batch and bash are quite different. Batch flags are indicated with a /, while bash flags use a -. Capitalization matters in bash, but (almost) not at all in batch. Batch variable names can contain spaces, bash variable names can not. Ultimately, both are ways of manipulating and interacting with the command line. Not surprisingly, there is a reasonably-sized amount of overlap between the capabilities of the two systems.

If you want to routinely apply an R analysis to a lot of separate data files, or provide a repeatable analysis method to other people, an executable R script is a user-friendly way to do so. Instead of you or your user having to call R and execute your script inside R via source(.) or a function call, your user may simply call the script itself as if it was a program.

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