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Gists are a great way to share your work. You can share single files, parts of files, or full applications. You can access gists at https://gist.github.com.

Every gist is a Git repository, which means that it can be forked and cloned. The gist editor is powered by CodeMirror.

There are two types of gists: public gists and secret gists.

Additionally, if you are not logged into GitHub when you create your gist, it will be an anonymous gist.

A private and secure docker registry instead of a Docker Hub. Basic docker skills are required.

In short, a DLL is a collection of small executable code, which can be called upon when needed by a program that's running. The DLL lets the executable communicate with a specific device such as a printer or may contain code to do any number of particular functions. As there are several methods of implementations to do this, in this topic I'll be showing you how to register and unregister any DLL that your application calls for; and we'll be doing so using the RegSrv32.exe command line.

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