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In this topic you will learn how to integrate with Node.js using MYSQL database management tool. You will learn various ways to connect and interact with data residing in mysql using a nodejs program and script.

Tensorflow distinguishes between saving/restoring the current values of all the variables in a graph and saving/restoring the actual graph structure. To restore the graph, you are free to use either Tensorflow's functions or just call your piece of code again, that built the graph in the first place. When defining the graph, you should also think about which and how variables/ops should be retrievable once the graph has been saved and restored.

TSLint performs static analysis of code and detect errors and potential problems in code.

To integrate any database with nodejs you need a driver package or you can call it a npm module which will provide you with basic API to connect with the database and perform interactions . Same is true with mssql database , here we will integrate mssql with nodejs and perform some basic queries on SQL tabels.

In Java 8+, a functional interface is an interface that has just one abstract method (aside from the methods of Object). See JLS §9.8. Functional Interfaces.

This is the topic for ESLint rules explanation for react-native.

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