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When using async callback we need to consider scope. Especially if inside a loop. This simple article shows what not to do and a simple working example.

With classes derived from CustomizationPlug you can utilize capabilities of the Acumatica Customization Platform and execute custom code after the customization project has been published. In this topic you will learn how customization plug-ins can be used to make changes in multiple companies.

More information on customization plug-ins is available in Acumatica Customization Guide

The use of CMake in a C++ project if used correctly can allow the programmer to focus less on the platform, program version number and more on the actual program itself. With CMake you can define preprocessor tags that allow for easy checking of which platform or any other preprocessor tags you might need in the actual program. Such as the version number which could be leveraged in a log system.

CodeIgniter provide auto initialized Output class which is very useful for creating API and differents type of documents output like .pdf, .csv, .image, etc...

NOTE :- Codeigniter default document type is HTML change it to application/json, API must be required type of json

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