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MessageBox is a simple concept for decoupling entities.

For example entity A can place a message that entity B can read whenever suitable.

A view controller would like to talk to another view controller, but you don't want to create a strong or weak relationship.

First we need to know what a MessageBox is...

The MessageBox control displays a message with specified text, and can be customised by specifying a custom image, title and button sets (These button sets allow the user to choose more than a basic yes/no answer).

By creating our own MessageBox we can re-use that MessageBox Control in any new applications just by using the generated dll, or copying the file containing the class.

QMessageBox is the simplest way to give (or ask) an information to (or from) the user. It's a modal dialog, inheriting the QDialog class. It also has four convenience static functions: information, question, warning and critical.

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