twitter-bootstrap Grid system Bootstrap Rows & Columns


Bootstrap's grid system has 12 units known as Columns that can be used to layout content horizontally across the viewport.

The reason for a 12-unit grid (instead of 10, 16, etc..) is that 12 evenly divides into 6 (halves), 4 (quarters) and 3 (thirds). This makes adapting to a variety of layouts much easier. Bootstrap’s grid columns are identified by different col-{breakpoint}-{units} CSS classes. Learn more about viewport width and breakpoints (A.K.A. Tiers)

So for example, col-md-3 represents a column that takes up 3 of the 12 units (or 25%) across a medium (md) width viewport. To use a column width in your layout, simply use the appropriate col-{breakpoint}-{units} class in your HTML markup.

<div class="col-{breakpoint}-{units}">

Column width is fluid (not fixed width), so the columns consume a percentage of their container.

Column units in Bootstrap 3

  • col-*-1: 1 of 12 (8.33333333% width)
  • col-*-2: 2 of 12 (16.66666667% width)
  • col-*-3: 3 of 12 (25% width)
  • col-*-4: 4 of 12 (33.3333333% width)
  • col-*-5: 5 of 12 (41.66666667% width)
  • col-*-6: 6 of 12 (50% width)
  • col-*-7: 7 of 12 (58.33333333% width)
  • col-*-8: 8 of 12 (66.66666667% width)
  • col-*-9: 9 of 12 (75% width)
  • col-*-10: 10 of 12 (83.33333333% width)
  • col-*-11: 11 of 12 (91.66666667% width)
  • col-*-12: 12 of 12 (100% width)

Demo - Bootstrap's 12 column units

The Bootstrap Row

The Bootstrap .row class is used to contain the Columns. Columns should always be placed in Rows, and Rows should always be placed inside of a Container (container or container-fluid). The Row uses negative margins (-15px) to ensure proper spacing between the column's content and the edge of the browser. Rows are used to group columns horizontally.

<div class="container">
    <div class="row">
        <!-- one more columns -->
        <div class="col-{breakpoint}-{units}">..</div>

Columns will fill the .row horizontally left-to-right, and will wrap to a new line every 12 column units. Therefore, you can use .rows to create horizontal breaks, or you can add more than 12 column units in a single .row element to have columns that wrap (or stack) vertically down the viewport.

When using column wrapping (more than 12 units in a .row), you'll need to use responsive resets (or clearfixes) to ensure even wrapping of uneven column content. This is essential when the content of the columns varies in height.

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