twitter-bootstrap Tables Table Reflow - Vertical headers


Getting a table with vertical headers.

Twitter bootstrap now support vertical header on a well formatted normal table. To achieve this just use .table-reflow class

Use twitter bootstrap .table-reflow class on a well formed table to achieve a table with vertical headers. Additionally you can combine with using .table-striped and .table-hover for hovering on columns this time.

<table class="table table-striped table-hover table-reflow">
            <th ><strong> First Name: </strong></th>
            <th ><strong> Last Name: </strong></th>
            <th ><strong> Email: </strong></th>
            <td> John </td>
            <td> Doe </td>
            <td> </td>
            <td> Joane </td>
            <td> Donald </td>
            <td> </td>

You should check the v4 alpha docs here: twitter-bootstrap .table-reflow