TypeScript Getting started with TypeScript Running TypeScript using ts-node


ts-node is an npm package which allows the user to run typescript files directly, without the need for precompilation using tsc. It also provides REPL.

Install ts-node globally using

npm install -g ts-node

ts-node does not bundle typescript compiler, so you might need to install it.

npm install -g typescript

Executing script

To execute a script named main.ts, run

ts-node main.ts
// main.ts
console.log("Hello world");

Example usage

$ ts-node main.ts
Hello world

Running REPL

To run REPL run command ts-node

Example usage

$ ts-node
> const sum = (a, b): number => a + b;
> sum(2, 2)
> .exit

To exit REPL use command .exit or press CTRL+C twice.