uwp File name qualifiers

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Qualifiers are used in this common format:

Files: filename.qualifier-value.ext
~ multiple qualifiers: filename.qualifier1-value1_qualifier2-value2_....ext

Qualified folders: qualifier-value
~ multiple qualifiers: qualifier1-value1_qualifier2-value2_...

Qualifiers are listed bellow, they are used in the format described above

Lang / LanguageSpecifies a language, region or both.XX-XX, or XX values in BCP-47
ScaleQualifies the device scale factor.Commonly 100 / 125 / 150 / 200 / 400
DeviceFamilySpecifies the device type.Mobile / Team / Desktop / IoT
ContrastSpecifies the contrast theme type.Standard / High / Black / White
HomeRegionSpecifies user's home region.Any ISO3166-1 alpha2 or numeric code
TargetSizeGives the smallest image larger than need.Any positive integer.
LayoutDirSpecifies a layout direction.RTL / LTR / TTBRTL / TTBLTR
ConfigQualifies for MS_CONFIGURATION_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE.The value of environment config.
DXFL*Specifies a DirectX feature level.DX9 / DX10 / DX11

* Also used as DXFeatureLevel.

Some notes to keep in mind:

  • HomeRegion won't accept groupings or unions.
  • TargetSize and Scale cannot be used together.

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