varnish Monitoring Varnish Client metrics - incoming traffic


Client metrics cover the traffic between the client and the Varnish cache.

  • sess_conn - Cumulative number of connections.
  • client_req - Cumulative number of client requests.
  • sess_dropped - Dropped connections because of a full queue.

Monitor sess_conn and client_req to keep track of traffic volume - is it increasing or decreasing, is it spiking etc. Sudden changes might indicate problems.

Monitor sess_dropped to see if the cache is dropping any sessions. If so you might need to increase thread_pool_max.

varnishstat -1 | grep "sess_conn\|client_req \|sess_dropped"
MAIN.sess_conn              62449574         3.38 Sessions accepted
MAIN.client_req            184697229         9.99 Good client requests received
MAIN.sess_dropped                  0         0.00 Sessions dropped for thread