Procedure Calls

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  • IdentifierName [arguments]
  • Call IdentifierName[(arguments)]
  • [Let|Set] expression = IdentifierName[(arguments)]
  • [Let|Set] IdentifierName[(arguments)] = expression


IdentifierNameThe name of the procedure to call.
argumentsA comma-separated list of arguments to be passed to the procedure.


The first two syntaxes are for calling Sub procedures; notice the first syntax involves no parentheses.

See This is confusing. Why not just always use parentheses? for a thorough explanation of the differences between the first two syntaxes.

The third syntax is for calling Function and Property Get procedures; when there are parameters, the parentheses are always mandatory. The Let keyword is optional when assigning a value, but the Set keyword is required when assigning a reference.

Fourth syntax is for calling Property Let and Property Set procedures; the expression on the right-hand side of the assignment is passed to the property's value parameter.

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