web-services Calling Web Services programmatically using C#.net and Xamarin app development Web Service call with output As IEnumerator object


/// <summary>
    /// Post Method with Input/ data to post in JSON format Or you can send dictionary as shown in previous methods
    /// </summary>
    /// <returns> Json formated data </returns>
    public void  GetJsonData4()
        IOperations _Obj = ClsOperations.GetOperations();
        string url = "";
        string inputjson = "{\"@FirstParameter\": \"Value1\",\"@SecondParameter\": \"Value2\",\"@ThirdParameter\": \"Value3\"}";
        string jsonResult = _Obj.GetJsonResult(url, null, inputjson);
        IEnumerator objIEnumerator = _Obj.GetJsonEnumerableResult(jsonResult);
        // you can perform further operations on it