web-services Calling Web Services programmatically using C#.net and Xamarin app development Forcefully make method GET OR POST


/* By Default if you send only url then automatically it will recognize as GET Method and if service having parameters with, Then automatically will convert to POST Method. But I observed some of the services having only URL but are POST Type. For the purpose you can forcefully make the method as you want. As bellow:  */
        /// <summary>
        /// If you want make the service call GET OR POST forcefully then 
        /// </summary>
        /// <returns> Json formated data </returns>
        public void GetJsonData5()
            IOperations _Obj = ClsOperations.GetOperations();
            string url = "";
            string inputjson = "{\"@FirstParameter\": \"Value1\",\"@SecondParameter\": \"Value2\",\"@ThirdParameter\": \"Value3\"}";
string  _result =   _ Obj.GetJsonResult(url, null, inputjson, ServiceType.POST);;