weka How to use R in Weka


Why use R in Weka?

  1. R is a powerful tool for preprocessing data
  2. R has a huge number of libraries and keeps growing
  3. R in Weka, can easily get data from, process it, and pass to Weka seamlessly

How to setup R in Weka

For Mac User

  1. replace the old info.Plist with the new one given by Mark Hall

  2. download and install R

  3. install rJava inside R with


  4. install Rplugin with Weka Package Manager

  5. go to weka 3-8-0 folder (if it is the version you are using), and open its terminal, and

  6. run the following 2 lines of codes (thanks to Michael Hall)

    export R_HOME=/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources
    java -Xss10M -Xmx4096M -cp .:weka.jar weka.gui.GUIChooser

  7. to make life easier, inside a directory where you want to work with weka, save the code above into a file named as weka_r.sh

  8. make it executable, inside this directory's terminal, run the code below:

    chmod a+x weka_r.sh

  9. paste weka.jar from weka 3-8-0 into the directory and run the code below:


Now, you are ready to go. Next time, you just need to go to the directory's terminal and run ./weka_r.sh to start R with Weka.

How to receive data from Weka?

open Weka from terminal:
go to directory of Weka 3-8-0, open its terminal, run the following code:

java -jar weka.jar

data through Weka Explorer:

  1. preprocess panel, click open file, choose a data file from weka data folder;
  2. go to R console panel, type R scripts inside R console box.

data through Weka KnowledgeFlow:

  1. Data mining processes panel, click DataSources to choose ArffLoader for example, click it onto canvas;
  2. double-click ArffLoader to load a data file
  3. Scripting panel, click RscriptExecutor onto canvas
  4. option + click ArffLoader, select dataset, then click RScript Executor to link them
  5. double click RScript Executor to type R script, or
  6. click Settings and select R Scripting to use R console with weka's data

Playing R Codes

  1. load iris.arff with either Explorer or KnowledgeFlow;
  2. try Plotting inside R Console example above