weka Getting Started With Jython in Weka


Why would we use Jython inside Weka? 1. If you are unsatisfied with what Explorer, Experimenter, KnowledgeFlow, simpleCLI allow you to do, and looking for something to unleash the greater power of weka; 2. With Jython, we can access all functionalities provided by Weka API, right inside Weka; 3. Its syntax is Python-like, which is considered to be a beginner-friendly scripting language;


How to setup Jython in weka

  1. install Jython and JFreeChart library from Weka Package manager;

  2. go to home directory's terminal, enter nano .bash_profile

  3. inside .bash_profile, add a line of code as below

    export Weka_Data=User/Documents/Directory/Of/Your/Data

  4. save and exit

  5. inside terminal run source .bash_profile

Then, restart Weka, go to tools and click Jython console, and you can try those examples above