AngularJS Built-in directives ng-model-options


ng-model-options allows to change the default behavior of ng-model, this directive allows to register events that will fire when the ng-model is updated and to attach a debounce effect.

This directive accepts an expression that will evaluate to a definition object or a reference to a scope value.


<input type="text" ng-model="myValue" ng-model-options="{'debounce': 500}">

The above example will attach a debounce effect of 500 milliseconds on myValue, which will cause the model to update 500 ms after the user finished typing over the input (that is, when the myValue finished updating).

Available object properties

  1. updateOn: specifies which event should be bound to the input

    ng-model-options="{ updateOn: 'blur'}" // will update on blur
  2. debounce: specifies a delay of some millisecond towards the model update

    ng-model-options="{'debounce': 500}" // will update the model after 1/2 second
  3. allowInvalid: a boolean flag allowing for an invalid value to the model, circumventing default form validation, by default these values would be treated as undefined.

  4. getterSetter: a boolean flag indicating if to treat the ng-model as a getter/setter function instead of a plain model value. The function will then run and return the model value.


    <input type="text" ng-model="myFunc" ng-model-options="{'getterSetter': true}">
    $scope.myFunc = function() {return "value";}
  5. timezone: defines the timezone for the model if the input is of the date or time. types