AngularJS Using AngularJS with TypeScript Using Bundling / Minification


The way the $scope is injected in the controller's constructor functions is a way to demonstrate and use the basic option of angular dependency injection but is not production ready as it cannot be minified. Thats because the minification system changes the variable names and anguar's dependency injection uses the parameter names to know what has to be injected. So for an example the ExampleController's constructor function is minified to the following code.

function n(n){this.setUpWatches(n)

and $scope is changed to n!
to overcome this we can add an $inject array(string[]). So that angular's DI knows what to inject at what position is the controllers constructor function.
So the above typescript changes to

module App.Controllers {
    class Address {
        line1: string;
        line2: string;
        city: string;
        state: string;
    export class SampleController {
        firstName: string;
        lastName: string;
        age: number;
        address: Address;
        setUpWatches($scope: ng.IScope): void {
            $scope.$watch(() => this.firstName, (n, o) => {
                //n is string and so is o
        static $inject : string[] = ['$scope'];
        constructor($scope: ng.IScope) {