AngularJS Decorators Decorate directive


Directives can be decorated just like services and we can modify or replace any of it's functionality. Note that directive itself is accessed at position 0 in $delegate array and name parameter in decorator must include Directive suffix (case sensitive).

So, if directive is called myDate, it can be accessed using myDateDirective using $delegate[0].

Below is simple example where directive shows current time. We'll decorate it to update current time in one second intervals. Without decoration it will always show same time.


angular.module('app', [])
  .config(function($provide) {
    $provide.decorator('myDateDirective', function($delegate, $interval) {
      var directive = $delegate[0]; // access directive

      directive.compile = function() { // modify compile fn
        return function(scope) {
, arguments);
          $interval(function() {
   = new Date(); // update date every second
          }, 1000);
      return $delegate;
  .directive('myDate', function() {
    return {
      restrict: 'E',
      template: '<span>Current time is {{ date | date:\'MM:ss\' }}</span>',
      link: function(scope) { = new Date(); // get current date

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