AngularJS Profiling and Performance Scope functions and filters


AngularJS has digest loop and all your functions in a view and filters are executed every time the digest cycle is run. The digest loop will be executed whenever the model is updated and it can slow down your app (filter can be hit multiple times, before the page is loaded).

You should avoid this:

<div ng-controller="bigCalulations as calc">
  <p>{{ | heavyFilter}}</p>

Better approach

<div ng-controller="bigCalulations as calc">
  <p>{{ | lightFilter}}</p>

Where controller sample is:

.controller("bigCalulations", function(valueService) {
  // bad, because this is called in every digest loop
  this.calculateMe = function() {
    var t = 0;
    for(i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {
      t = t + i;
    return t;
  //good, because it is executed just once and logic is separated in service to    keep the controller light
  this.preCalulatedValue = valueService.caluclateSumm(); // returns 499500