arduino Time Management Measure how long something took, using elapsedMillis and elapsedMicros


#include <elapsedMillis.h>

void setup() {
  elapsedMillis msTimer;
  elapsedMicros usTimer;

  long int dt = 500;

  long int us = usTimer;
  long int ms = msTimer;

  Serial.print("delay(");Serial.print(dt);Serial.println(") took");
  Serial.print(us);Serial.println(" us, or");
  Serial.print(ms);Serial.println(" ms");

void loop() {

In this example, an elapsedMillis object and an elapsedMicros object are used to measure how long something took, by creating them just before the expression we want to time is executed, and getting their values afterwards. They will show slightly different results, but the millisecond result won't be off by more than one millisecond.