atom-editor Basic Editing With Atom Find and Replace


The find and replace feature in Atom works in two ways, one operates locally only on the file you are in, and the other on a set of files or directories.

To open the find and replace tool for a single file, press Ctrl+F (For Mac OS use +F). Enter in the first blank the string you are searching for. Press the Enter key to find all instances of the string. To the right of the Find button are the regex, case sensitive, in selection, and whole word option buttons. The Use Regex button allows you to search for regex characters such as \n, \t, \r and regex statements /^[a-z0-9_-]{3,16}$/. The Case Sensitive button - when active - will only find strings with the same case (capitalizations). The Only in Selection option will only find instances of the string in highlighted sections of the file. The Whole Word option will only find delimited instances, not when the string is part of a larger portion. Clicking the Replace button will take the first instance found with the Find method and replace them with the contents of the replace field (even if it is empty). Clicking the Replace All button will replace all instances found with the Find method and replace them all at once with the contents of the replace field.