backbone.js url and urlRoot Modifying Model.url()


Model.url and Collection.url are only used internally by the default Backbone.sync method. The default method assumes you are tying into a RESTful API. If you are using a different endpoint design, you will want to override the sync method and may want utilize the url method.

var Model = Backbone.Model.extend({
  urlRoot: '/path-to-model',
  url: function (path) {
    var url = this.urlRoot + '/' + path;
    if (this.isNew()) {
      return url;
    return url + '/' + this.get(this.idAttribute);

var model = new Model();
model.url('create'); // /path-to-model/create
model.set('id', 1);
model.url('read'); // /path-to-model/read/1
model.url('update'); // /path-to-model/update/1
model.url('delete'); // /path-to-model/delete/1