Dapper Contrib Getting Started

Dapper.Contrib is a NuGet library that extends the IDbConnection interface. It adds some generic utility methods to Dapper, and particularly CRUD operations become much simpler with Dapper.Contrib.

  • It is one of the most popular add-on libraries for Dapper enhancement.
  • It provides methods that enable you to write less code for basic CRUD operations.
  • It also enables you to perform CRUD operations without writing SQL explicitly.

The following is the list of extension methods that are provided in Dapper.Contrib.

T Get<T>(id);
IEnumerable<T> GetAll<T>();
int Insert<T>(T obj);
int Insert<T>(Enumerable<T> list);
bool Update<T>(T obj);
bool Update<T>(Enumerable<T> list);
bool Delete<T>(T obj);
bool Delete<T>(Enumerable<T> list);
bool DeleteAll<T>();


You can easily install it from the Package Manager Console window by running the following command.

PM> Install-Package Dapper.Contrib