django-rest-framework [Intermediate] Pagination on a function based view


We have seen in those examples (ex_1, ex_2) how to use and override the pagination classes in any generic class base view.
What happens when we want to use pagination in a function based view?

Lets also assume that we want to create a function based view for MyModel with PageNumberPagination, responding only to a GET request. Then:

from rest_framework.pagination import PageNumberPagination

def my_function_based_list_view(request):
    paginator = PageNumberPagination()
    query_set = MyModel.objects.all()
    context = paginator.paginate_queryset(query_set, request)
    serializer = MyModelSerializer(context, many=True)
    return paginator.get_paginated_response(

We can do the above for a custom pagination as well by changing this line:
paginator = PageNumberPagination()

to this

paginator = MyCustomPagination()

provided that we have defined MyCustomPagination to override some default pagination