Django Logging Logging to Syslog service


It is possible to configure Django to output log to a local or remote syslog service. This configuration uses the python builtin SysLogHandler.

from logging.handlers import SysLogHandler
    'version': 1,
    'disable_existing_loggers': True,
    'formatters': {
        'standard': {
            'format' : "[YOUR PROJECT NAME] [%(asctime)s] %(levelname)s [%(name)s:%(lineno)s] %(message)s",
            'datefmt' : "%d/%b/%Y %H:%M:%S"
    'handlers': {
        'console': {
            'class': 'logging.StreamHandler',
        'syslog': {
            'class': 'logging.handlers.SysLogHandler',
            'formatter': 'standard',
            'facility': 'user',
            # uncomment next line if rsyslog works with unix socket only (UDP reception disabled)
            #'address': '/dev/log'
    'loggers': {
            'handlers': ['syslog'],
            'level': 'INFO',
            'disabled': False,
            'propagate': True

# loggers for my apps, uses INSTALLED_APPS in settings
# each app must have a configured logger
# level can be changed as desired: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING...
for app in INSTALLED_APPS:
    MY_LOGGERS[app] = {
        'handlers': ['syslog'],
        'level': 'DEBUG',
        'propagate': True,