Docker Dockerfiles

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Dockerfiles are files used to programatically build Docker images. They allow you to quickly and reproducibly create a Docker image, and so are useful for collaborating. Dockerfiles contain instructions for building a Docker image. Each instruction is written on one row, and is given in the form <INSTRUCTION><argument(s)>. Dockerfiles are used to build Docker images using the docker build command.


Dockerfiles are of the form:

# This is a comment
  • Comments starts with a #
  • Instructions are upper case only
  • The first instruction of a Dockerfile must be FROM to specify the base image

When building a Dockerfile, the Docker client will send a "build context" to the Docker daemon. The build context includes all files and folder in the same directory as the Dockerfile. COPY and ADD operations can only use files from this context.

Some Docker file may start with:

# escape=`

This is used to instruct the Docker parser to use ` as an escape character instead of \. This is mostly useful for Windows Docker files.

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