.NET 5 Preview 3

Here are some of the improvements in Preview 3.

Code quality improvements in RyuJIT

Every release includes a set of changes that improve the machine code that the JIT generates, which is also known as "code quality". Better code quality means better application performance.

System.Text.Json improvements

.NET SDK Support for .NET Framework Assemblies

The .NET SDK will now auto-reference the Microsoft.NETFramework.ReferenceAssemblies NuGet package given a .NET Framework target framework in a project file. This change enables building .NET Framework projects on a machine without the required .NET Framework targeting pack installed. This improvement is specific to targeting packs and doesn’t account for other dependencies that a project may have.

ASP.NET Core: Performance Improvements to HTTP/2

By significantly reducing allocations in the HTTP/2 code path and adding support for HPack static compression of HTTP/2 response headers in Kestrel, the 5.0.0-prevew3 release improves the performance of HTTP/2.