Entity Framework Dynamically adding Interfaces to model


When working with existing model that is quite big and is being regenerated quite often in cases where abstraction needed it might be costly to manually go around redecorating model with interfaces. In such cases one might want to add some dynamic behavior to model generation.

Following example will show how automatically add interfaces on classes that have specific column names:

In your model go to .tt file modify the EntityClassOpening method in following way, this will add IPolicyNumber interface on entities that have POLICY_NO column, and IUniqueId on UNIQUE_ID

public string EntityClassOpening(EntityType entity)
    var stringsToMatch = new Dictionary<string,string> { { "POLICY_NO", "IPolicyNumber" }, { "UNIQUE_ID", "IUniqueId" } };
    return string.Format(
        "{0} {1}partial class {2}{3}{4}",
        _code.StringBefore(" : ", _typeMapper.GetTypeName(entity.BaseType)),
        stringsToMatch.Any(o => entity.Properties.Any(n => n.Name == o.Key)) ? " : " + string.Join(", ", stringsToMatch.Join(entity.Properties, l => l.Key, r => r.Name, (l,r) =>  l.Value)) : string.Empty);

This is one specific case but it shows a power of being able to modify .tt templates.